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We do our best to offer all our guests the services and facilities to make their stay a memorable one.

Our Starters

  • Selection of Moroccan salads(12 varieties)
  • Harira (Traditionnal moroccan tomato soup served with dates and chebakia)
  • Chorba (Traditionnal moroccan vegetable soup served with dates and chebakia)
  • Seafood Soup
  • Traditionnal Pastilla (filopastry filled with chicken and almonds)
  • Seafood Pastilla
  • Vegetable Pastilla (filopastry filled with vegetables)
  • Selection of Briouates AL FASSIA

Our Specialities

  • Trid à la façon FASSI (Feuilleté au poulet en sauce)
  • Organic farmed Chicken with preserved lemon and olives
  • Seffa au poulet (vermicelle with chicken)
  • Roasted lamb shoulder
  • Roasted beef with dried fruit
  • Steamed lamb with vegetables

Our Main courses

  • Vegetarian Couscous
  • Tajine Kadra (Lamb or beef stew with almonds)
  • Tajine Braniya (Lamb or beef tajine with roasted aubergines)
  • Tajine delberkouk Maâssel (lamb or beef tajine with caramelised prunes)
  • Tajine belkhodra (lamb or beef tajine with vegetables)
  • Tajine Meslalla (Tajine with olive meslalla)
  • Tajine Makfoul (Tagine with caramelised onions and tomatoes)
  • Tajine Kefta (Tagine with kofta in a tomato sauce)
  • Prawn Tagine à la sauce provençale
  • Sardines Tagine with vegetables
  • Fish Tagine with mixed vegetables
  • Tagine de kebab maghdour ( marinated and grilled, chicken or lamb brochettes in a tomato sauce)
  • Chicken Tagine with preserved lemon and olives
  • Mixed brochettes
  • Vegetable Couscous
  • Tfaïa Couscous (with caramelised onions and raisins)
  • Couscous royal

Our Desserts

  • Pastilla with almonds and custard cream
  • Orange Salad with cinnamon
  • Fruit of the season
  • Moroccan pancakes with honey and almonds
  • Nougat tart with dried fruit
  • Almonds and honey briouates
  • Seffa au lait
  • Jawhara à la glaçe vanille
  • Crème caramel

Check Availabity

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